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Safeguard Shredding - On-site document destruction

Safeguard is Convenient, Economical and Secure

There are many good reasons why you should trust your document destruction to Safeguard — and no one else:

"No-Touch" Handling

Unlike other services, no one sees or touches your materials from time of removal until destroyed by shredding — there’s no direct handling, viewing or sorting. Most other vendors manipulate and touch and view you sensitive papers once inside their vehicles or back at a central plant. Our handling procedures are automated and secure.

  State-of-the-Art Equipment

We maintain the most modern, high-output industrial shredders available — so you don’t have to! Automated systems tip materials completely inside our vehicles, eliminating any chance of escape. Our equipment shreds 3,500 pounds of paper per hour, over three times faster than our leading competitor — and time is money.

"On-Site" Service

All media is destroyed by shredding in our vehicles at your place of businesseliminating all chain of custody risk. You can witness the destruction, if you wish, by viewing the process on a closed circuit TV monitor. You reduce risk & liability, because our solution requires no off-site custody.

  No Start-Up Costs or Commitments

Pick-up options include scheduled, on-demand, and emergency service for unmatched flexibility. Collection containers are delivered and set-up free of charge for clients seeking regular recurring service program.

Professional Service

Our own highly trained, uniformed technicians provide maximum security and reliable service. All employees are security screened, drug tested, and bonded. You can depend on service being rendered as scheduled for reliable results month after month.

  Cost-Efficiency — Guaranteed

No need to purchase and maintain shredders, operate equipment, interrupt work routines, haul heavy waste bags or dispose of messy shredded waste. You'll save valuable time and money, while improving security by outsourcing to Safeguard. We offer "flat fees" and service "by the pound."

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